Welcome to Miraculous Little Minds!


Come and join us for an hour of messy play, creativity and fun with your little one. Each week you will be welcomed with a new set of activities that are suitable for babies and toddlers ( ages 5 months to 5 years). Each station will be full of colour, texture and toys that you will thoroughly enjoy working through during the sessions. Every week we will be developing fine motor skills, creativity and many different art projects. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Hi I'm Emily!

I'd love to introduce myself and how I came to step forward into the messy play and arts world. Myself and my family recently moved to Corsham in June last year. In Bristol I ran a swim school, holiday clubs and art classes for many a year. I stepped away from my swim school in Bristol to rebalance my life after having our little girl Ariya and continued my art career. I have been working as an artist while looking after Ariya at home since 2020. Moving to a new area, while also feeling the impact of covid I found Ark Rascal Messy Play sessions and attended. I hoped for an hour of activity away from the house where Ariya could engage with children and I could feel the presence of adult company. We loved it, it was more than that. It was expression, creativity, mess, laughter and community. When I heard that the opportunity to take over arose, I had known since stepping away from the swim school how much I had missed working with children. It was even better, it was an opportunity to combine both passions; working with little minds and my love of being a creative. So now we step forward under the new name of Miraculous Little Minds and wish all the best to Maria on her new venture. I really look forward to meeting you all and enjoying our venture into the messy world of art, creativity and play.
Classes and venues
Our Classes


Our classes run on a weekly basis term time at different venues listed opposite.

  • Early Learning


Westbury at the Leigh Park Community Centre (Mondays)

Chippenham at Langley Burrell Village Hall 


Trowbridge at the Paxcroft Mead Community Centre 


Corsham at the Springfield Centre